Are you feeling the call?

My work creates miracles that sometimes words can't fully explain.

The ALIVE 1:1 Introductory Coaching Experience is a free 1 hour call via Zoom (in person available in Ibiza) where we will connect and dive straight into coaching, explore what you're currently finding difficult or challenging in your life, so that you can begin to see real shifts and create change.

I created the Introductory Coaching Experience, so that I can best serve what you most need from me. 


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Explore my work through the eyes of my clients...


"Emma provided a 1:1 session to coach me with struggles I had about where to life and to get me new insights about grounding. With her method (which I’ve never experienced before) I could dive in deep with the personal guidance of Emma. Not only mentally but also physically I felt where my needs are and with the right questionary I could get to the core of it all. The insight Emma gave me is still on my mind everyday and reminds me that I’m on the right track. Emma is a very pleasant person to talk to, a great listener and someone that really can create and hold a safe space so you feel comfortable to tell your story. Emma, thanks again for your great work & hope to reunite soon!" 

-Nuray Kursun, Casting Agency Director 


"Emma has one of the most unique coaching methods I've ever encountered. I was having revelations for days afterwards. The session solved so many things I had questioned throughout my life."

-Craig Saint, DJ & Producer 

For The Individuals That are Ready to Go All in Now...

This 6 month coaching container is a journey for you to connect with yourself, process and release your emotions, so that you can live a liberated, easeful life of true freedom. The unique experience you'll have on this journey will require you to get comfortable with uncertainty, go beyond your stories and start to see the world in news ways, ways you can't yet begin to imagine. This is your first step to real and lasting change in your personal and professional life, and I'll be right there with you to guide that journey. 

Remember, as the diver goes to jump off the edge of a diving board, he feels ALL the fear, yet he jumps anyway because he knows the water below calls him to his own greatness within him, which he only realises when he surfaces from the dive. If you're feeling that same call, I invite you now to take that jump ↓


"I have had some NLP sessions and talks with Emma over the last year and these have helped me so much to look deeper within me, to face some life-long fears and negative schemes, undo them and create new healthy ones.

To get to truly know yourself, what you want, where you want to head, it can lead you to very uncomfortable and unsettling positions in a first time, but Emma always held space and made time for me. I always felt very comfortable talking and opening to her. I never felt judged – which was one of my biggest fears –nor rushed to take action – another point that I value a lot.

A session with her would feel like a conversation; a deep one during which I felt buzzing with ideas, theories, feelings. But she would also always sees right through me and what I could try to hide from myself, what I refused to see or accept. She always guided me in a gentle way. Again, this is not the most comfortable to hear things you do not want to but Emma made sure it would be pointed out when I was ready to hear them and think about them in the coming days or weeks. I always had matter to reflect on after our talks. After a few months, Emma had guided me back towards my true self and I felt more alive than I had felt in months. She had given me the tools to handle whichever other challenge might come my way on my own. I felt ready, full of life and simply myself.

I have been keeping up with my routines which I usually dropped before the end of the month, I have been refocusing on my priorities and values, and it has been a truly incredible and self re-discovering journey, with trust, kindness and honesty thanks to Emma."

-Elise Palmeri, Project Manager 


"The most incredible way of finding Emma was through her podcast, the podcast allowed me to see into her world, the way she talks and her energy. I spent a 1:1 journey with her after I’d felt podcast was up my street went with one intention and went much deeper than that to working on the base of myself through my ancestors and roots. Through the programme I have taken back my original name, lost more weight, become consistent in my choices and above all believe that everything is possible. Emma truly helps you reflect, go deeper and challenge yourself, if you are ready to deal with yourself then listen to her podcast and give her a call."

-Ramesh Satguru, Entrepreneur, Investor & Advisor 


"I soon felt very comfortable in Emma’s company, she didn’t pry and I didn’t rush; some of my mental knots seemed to just gently loosen as we spoke.

I am sceptic, logical and a fault finder (even by trade) but the euphoric state I reached through one of Emma’s technique’s has seriously made me question what I know about consciousness.

The first week that passed since our session was so refreshing. I felt validated, wiser and happy for no reason.

I would recommend anyone to speak with Emma at least once. I reflect back to our session very often and am guided by it in the journey to self love"

-George Meynell, Civil & Electrical Engineer 


"I actually don’t know how it happened, but during talking with Emma there was suddenly a soul connection; We were doing a session. The funniest thing was we were actually in a cafe and it was our first meeting ever. She was asking me questions that helped me reflect, I was becoming my own mirror or she was mine, so that I could be my own, if that make sense to you. I don’t know exactly what she asked me, but it helped me to get closer to my unconscious mind. It helped me to get more clarity of where my behaviour comes from and why I do what I do so that people keep showing up the same way.

For a few minutes it felt like nothing existed any more, we were just two souls talking and mirroring. That on its own is of course a great feeling, but that compared with the insights she mirrored me felt like magic. If you don’t or do believe in magic and want to learn more about where things come from, I would definitely recommend a session with Emma."

-Sarah Devries, Community Manager 


"I had sessions with Emma to explore some deep seated beliefs that came to light and were holding me back from living the life I desired. Emma held such immaculate space for me and opened up a non judgemental and safe environment for me to explore my feelings. 

She guided me to connect with my inner self, the truth of who I am and to allow her to come through. She helped me to integrate the different parts of myself and come to a place of self acceptance. Emma is a special coach - genuine, kind, caring and gifted in what she does. 

After our sessions together I feel greater self awareness and liberated to live life on my terms. Thanks Emma, I am so grateful for your guidance and support!

-Aimee Townshend, Coach


"I want to thank Emma for the amazing job she did with me. She really helps people to connect with themselves on a deeper level.

Emma is really good at helping you understand things about yourself and how to work on them. I really recommend her if you're going through a difficult time, if you want to understand yourself on a deep level or if you're struggling with stuff in your life right now. She will know how to help you.

Thank you Emma for the job that you're doing."

-Laura Rodriguez del Rio, Social Media Marketing Coach


"I reached out to Emma while I was still brainstorming ideas and creating a plan to launch my podcast. She gave me step by step guidance on things to consider before launching. She shared with me the softwares I would need, the setup and the process.

Most importantly, she motivated me to get started and allowed me to realize that podcasting is a tool to serve and support others on their own journeys.
Thank you Emma for simplifying the journey and inspiring me to share what I love."

-Jana El Osta, Hypnotherapist & Kundalini Yogi


"I had the pleasure of working with Emma and I was really amazed at the space she created and her skill in allowing me to go to deep places within myself.

To be honest, I was a bit surprised with how comfortable I felt in a short period of time. It's been cool to see the skills and how much Emma has developed in herself and how capable she is holding space for others, including myself. 

I feel very lucky and I feel very appreciative to having spent that time with her to be able to look at some of the things within myself that are not always so comfortable, so she really helped create a comfortable space and allowed for this exploration to take place, so thank you again Emma."

-Drew Stockton, Yoga Teacher