Emma Evelyn

Mystic | Coach | Author

Master your inner-world, intentionally create your outer-world

Hey, I'm Emma, Coach, Artist and Founder of Easeful Energetics™. An intentional space & framework designed for empaths, visionaries, artists, creatives & industry change-makers. 

I draw from both my professional training in Neurolinguistics and my own experience of challenges, growth and leaps, to be a guide for others to re-discover the power and resources they have within them.

I believe that healing is a process of remembering, of re-discovering who we truly are and then choosing to embody that in our day-to-day lives. My work focuses on feeling the challenging emotions that are often either avoided or suppressed. My philosophy is that all of our emotions are here to support and serve us into a deeper, more intimate connection with ourselves and our lives.

In the words of my clients

➢“Emma is a very pleasant person to talk to, a great listener and someone that really can create and hold a safe space so you feel comfortable to tell your story” - Nuray Kursan, Casting Agency Director

➢"I would recommend anyone to speak with Emma at least once. I reflect back to our session very often and am guided by it in the journey to self love" - George Meynell, Civil Engineer

➢“Emma had guided me back towards my true self and I felt more alive than I had felt in months. She had given me the tools to handle whichever other challenge might come my way on my own. I felt ready, full of life and simply myself.” - Elise Palmeri, Project Manager

➢“Emma is a special coach - genuine, kind, caring and gifted in what she does” - Amy Townshend, Alignment Coach

➢“Emma has one of the most unique coaching methods I've ever encountered. I was having revelations for days afterwards.” - Craig Saint, DJ & Producer

➢“Emma truly helps you reflect, go deeper and challenge yourself” - Ramesh Satguru, Entrepreneur, Advisor & Investor

"If you don’t or do believe in magic and want to learn more about where things come from, I would definitely recommend a session with Emma" - Sarah Davries, Community Manager