Emma Evelyn Campbell

Healer | Coach | Artist

Here I share my creations and my work from the depths of my soul that reflect the duality of the darkness and light within me + help you to see the beauty of both in you.

Strengthening your connection to your inner world, fuels your creation in the outside world

Emma Evelyn Campbell

Hey There!

I'm Emma, welcome to my space. 

A Capricorn, Scorpio-dominant, wild soul originally from England. Driven by curiosity, with a love for nature, exploring, deep conversations & trying new restaurants 🤩. 

Professionally, I'm a Healer and NLP Coach, with my own podcast. As a soul I'm a Mirror, Artist and Poet. I guide individuals, like you, to connect, process & release their emotions with ease. 

My home is in Ibiza as I love the close connection the island provides me to nature, the sea, and the open-mindedness of this powerful island.

All of my work is deeply rooted in my core values of connection, liberation & freedom

If you feel called to connect with me further and check out more of my world scroll down (trust me, it's worth it) ↓ 

Let's get to know one another...

My Work

I'm so honoured to do the work I do as a Healer, a Mirror and Coach for individuals like you. For someone who has a way with words, I sometimes find it hard to describe in words the power of this work, the liberation and freedom individuals experience in the space I hold for them as they realise their own truths and power, so I thought I'd allow some of my incredible clients to tell you about it...

➢“Emma is a very pleasant person to talk to, a great listener and someone that really can create and hold a safe space so you feel comfortable to tell your story” - Nuray Kursan, Casting Agency Director

➢"I would recommend anyone to speak with Emma at least once. I reflect back to our session very often and am guided by it in the journey to self love" - George Meynell, Civil Engineer

➢“Emma had guided me back towards my true self and I felt more alive than I had felt in months. She had given me the tools to handle whichever other challenge might come my way on my own. I felt ready, full of life and simply myself.” - Elise Palmeri, Project Manager

➢“Emma is a special coach - genuine, kind, caring and gifted in what she does” - Amy Townshend, Alignment Coach

➢“Emma has one of the most unique coaching methods I've ever encountered. I was having revelations for days afterwards.” - Craig Saint, DJ & Producer

➢“Emma truly helps you reflect, go deeper and challenge yourself” - Ramesh Satguru, Entrepreneur, Advisor & Investor

"If you don’t or do believe in magic and want to learn more about where things come from, I would definitely recommend a session with Emma" - Sarah Davries, Community Manager 

My 'ALIVE' 1:1 mentorship container is a journey. A place where you can Connect, Process & Release your emotions with ease, without judgement, so that you can truly feel free and liberated in your life. So that you can live out the dreams in your heart. In this coaching container we go beyond logic and connect to the deeper essence of who you are and who you came here to be, we release all that no longer reflects your own unique truth. If you feel the call, explore this world with me...

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